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FREEZADOME started off with glassware in mind. But with further developments in out technology we can now also offer a portable solution to be used  in any form of liquid container.

The wonderful FREEZADOME is a patented innovation which was born at the crossroads of science and design. The blend of materials contained in the FREEZADOME Dome at the bottom of the glass has a very special function. The FREEZADOME Dome draws the heat from the liquid, resulting in a cooler and more enjoyable drinking experience. The cooling technology of FREEZADOME was developed by a scientist who formerly worked with NASA and the European Space Agency, while the design was crafted by leading Irish crystal designers.

A normal glass, even if taken from a freezer – warms quickly to almost 58 degrees Fahrenheit or 14.4 degrees Celsius, resulting in you beer being very difficult to enjoy. However, with Igloo Glass the temperature of your drink remains within the ideal cold temperature range, so you can enjoy the perfect beer!

The FREEZADOME Dome concealed within our glass is where the magic happens. It contains a patented food-grade technology which draws heat from your drink, maintaining a refreshing drinking temperature. The mechanism of the FREEZADOME Dome is based on thermodynamic and heat transfer technology. This thermodynamic technology comes from the same principles that our research scientist worked with at NASA.

The graph below shows the remarkable difference between a normal glass and FREEZADOME Glass - both of which have been taken from a freezer.

webfreezadometest (1).png



The FREEZADOME Dome has now become portable! We have used the same ground breaking technology in our new Dome which can be used in any glass, plastic or paper cup. This dome will give the same incredible results keeping a cool drink cool so you can enjoy your drink they way you were meant to.

The dome is reusable and can be used in any liquid container you like! This way you can  continue to use your favourite glass, but you transform the glass into a cool machine giving a longer lasting cold experience!

The dome has been designed to slow down the melting of ice. So if you wish to continue to enjoy ice with your drink this will slow the ice from melting and diluting your drink. You will get to enjoy your beverage of choice the way it is intended to be. The days of a watery iced coffee are over!!



Flask FD.png

Introducing our New FREEZADOME Flask range. It makes Cold Beverages COLDER and Hot Beverages COOLER.

Launching Soon.....

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