FreezaDome is an Irish based company that commenced development into a "Therma" range of products in 2015. The company was born from www.tipperarycrystal.com which specialises in glass and crystal products. It has an office in Shanghai, Los Angeles and New York to meet all our clients.

Seven engineers from five countries with different skills combined to create a range of thermodynamic solutions for use in Glasses and non-glass drinkware such as paper and plastic cups. The challenge was to control the poured temperature of the cold fluid to make a more pleasant drink and to hopefully disperse of the use of ice as it's seen by many as a contaminant and a huge waste of water.

The company also developed a range of cooling and warming personal "Therma" products for people in need of comfort solutions. The FreezaChill Cold pack is a world leader whereby when actioned the temperature goes from ambient to Minus 3C in 10 seconds.  This is a huge help for any sprain, possible fracture and or in a collision event. The pack is reusable and comes in a gel format that allows it wrap around most affected areas. 

This range extends to items for Migraine sufferers and many other long-term pain ailments where warm or cold solutions give relief.

The company has also developed many items suitable for sports enthusiasts to keep them either cool when present in a stadium or outside in very warm climates.

Overall there are solutions for every day and for everyone. Young and old will find suitable products and they are all customisable for volume purchasers.