Cool Revolution



Cooling Glass & Portable Dome

Are you sick of using ice? Is the ice diluting your drink and weakening the flavor? We now have the solution. Our patented Freezadome will keep your drink at the same temperature from the first sip to the last. Simply take it out your freezer, drop it into your paper/plastic cup and you have an iced cold drink, without the ice. Join the Cool Revolution with our innovative Freezadome



Instant Ice Pack, Cooling Towels & More

Our new and cool innovative products were developed after we recognised the need for individuals to seek non practical components such as ice to cool down after swelling or over heating in hot weather. With our easy to use instant products there’s no need for worrying about keeping an ice pack with you at all times so your ice doesn’t melt, now you have our cooling products providing instant relief without the stress



Instant Heat Pads & Hot/Cold Therapy

Introducing our Freezahot Range comprising of instant heat products that offer immediate soothing to tense or hurt areas of the body. These easy to use instant heat products are fully reusable and provide massage like soothing relief to you in your home and at your convenience



FREEZADOME is an Irish based company that commenced development into a "Therma" range of products in 2015. The company was born from which specialises in glass and crystal products. It has an office in Shanghai, Los Angeles and New York to meet all our clients.

Seven engineers from five countries with different skills combined to create a range of thermodynamic solutions for use in Glasses and non-glass drinkware such as paper and plastic cups. The challenge was to control the poured temperature of the cold fluid to make a more pleasant drink and to hopefully dispense of the use of ice as it's seen by many as a contaminant and a huge waste of water.

The company also developed a range of cooling and warming personal "Therma" products for people in need of comfort solutions. The FreezaChill Cold pack is a world leader whereby when actioned the temperature goes from ambient to Minus 3C in 10 seconds.  This is a huge help for any sprain, possible fracture and or in a collision event. The pack is reusable and comes in a gel format that allows it wrap around most affected areas. 

FREEZADOME Social Media 

FREEZADOME at Total Store Expo '18 


FREEZADOME joined a number of other Irish companies along with Enterprise Ireland for the NACDS Total Store Expo 2018 in Denver, Colorado.

It was a great opportunity for us to showcase our existing and brand new products to the retailers of America. It was an extremely busy three days. We are getting very excited with the response all our products are producing.

FREEZADOME at IHHS Chicago 2018 

FREEZADOME spent four incredible days at The International Home + Housewares Show 2018 in Chicago. We got massive attention to our new design glass and domes. We got to show off never before seen technology and met with some of the worlds leading brands. Everyone can see the benefit of keeping cold drinks cold! Truly an incredible event which we will return to next year no doubt. Thank you to all who visited us at our busy stand.

FREEZADOME at Drinktec 2017


FREEZADOME had an incredibly successful time at Drinktec 2017. We got to show the world the power of the FREEZADOME Glass. Over the five days of the trade show in Munich we conducted many live experiments with the FREEZADOME Glass to show first hand the many benefits of The World's Coolest Glass.

We had people from every corner of the globe visit our stand. From small home breweries to the worlds largest. It was a super opportunity for Igloo Glass to spread the word about the groundbreaking product which will change how we enjoy our cold beverages forever!

A local film crew wanting to capture the incredible results of the FREEZADOME Glass during a live demonstration at Drinktec 2017



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